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Phil Rostance

Media and PR Services

Phil Rostance’s background is in journalism - mainly in broadcasting and newspaper sectors. He completed his postgraduate journalism training at Cardiff University in 1995 before going on to work as a news, business and sports reporter at the Chester Chronicle newspaper and associated newspapers within the Trinity group.



He’s presented more than 100 live shows for a Wirral-based radio station and worked in media relations and communications across England and Europe more than 20 years - undertaking work for Councils, the NHS and Vivendi - in their chemical waste and recycling division (Sarp).


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Prior to this, he completed a business and marketing degree at Brunel University in 1993. He was also a director for Healthwatch, in Wirral between April 2013 and April 2015.


Phil studied business and finance at university before going on to become a business journalist at the Chester Chronicle. He has worked with a wide range businesses across England, Wales and Europe - specialising in the health, environment, recycling, small business and sports sectors.

MICPD Professional - with more than 15 years' experience in both public and private sectors across England and Wales. Accredited Coach: I.T.O.L. I can offer: - 'One to One' Coaching - Training and Development - Facilitation.

Claire Rostance

Coaching, Training and Development